Law is not only a “business”, we try to help

Our law office helps economically weaker persons that have found themselves, through no fault of their own, without sufficient financial means, and thus cannot afford paid legal aid.

Therefore, we decided to create a project that will help disadvantaged groups of people free of charge:

How does the legal aid work? A client meeting the conditions may use a free 15 min consultation in our law office, where we will outline for you possible solutions of your problem. Our goal is to help you in your situation. The consultation is free of charge. In case you need legal representation or another legal services, we will offer you a very advantageous rate for the basic cover of our expenses.

For mothers and fathers – single parents that care at least for one child and that depend on the state social support allowance.

For persons up to 18 years without an executed employment relationship, in cases where no involvement of legal representative of a minor is needed and this person is or may be affected in their rights.

For seniors above 65 years. The condition is that these persons are without a sufficient income to afford themselves legal aid of an attorney at law.

For persons with health disability. The condition is that these persons are without a sufficient income to afford themselves legal aid of an attorney at law.

Within our law office we have established the Legal clinic, which aims to help economically weaker persons.

Thus, our law office pays all the costs connected therewith.

In case you fit in the category of persons mentioned above and you need legal advice, you can make a reservation for a consultation only via the form mentioned below. Our law office reserves the right to reject a client who does not meet the criteria mentioned above.

If you are disabled and stairs are a barrier for you, please inform our assistant about this before the appointment via phone – 770 685 603

Due to great demand we would like to inform you that the length of a consultation is max. 15 min. We point out that the consultation begins in the time chosen by you, therefore it is appropriate to appear at the time reserved by you. In case of your delay the time of consultation shall be shortened, because of reservations of other clients.

In case that you are not able to attend the consultation, we ask you politely to cancel your reservation in time, so that other clients could have the possibility to use our legal aid.


Use the legal clinic …


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Summary of Services

LABOUR LAWLABOUR LAWWe provide our corporate clients, individual employers, and also employees with complex legal services in the area of labour law.CIVIL LAWCIVIL LAWWe provide legal services to natural persons, from small traders to multinational corporate customer base, in the course of their daily activities.BUSINESS LAWBUSINESS LAWComplex services regarding the establishment of commercial companies, transfers of shares in commercial companies and their liquidation.CRIMINAL LAWCRIMINAL LAWWe represent clients in criminal proceedings, from submission of a criminal complaint to enforcement of claims connected therewith.FAMILY LAWFAMILY LAWServices in the area of family law, especially divorce proceedings, settlement of community property of spouses, and care of minors.REAL ESTATEREAL ESTATEIn the area of real estate law, we provide clients with complex legal services related to transfers of real estate.HEALTH LAWHEALTH LAWFor our clients we provide legal services in the area of health law, especially for compensation for bodily harm caused by medical interventions.GDPRGDPRServices in the area of GDPR consist mainly of the preparation of obligatory documentation in accordance with this regulation and the training of employees.DISCHARGE OF DEBTDISCHARGE OF DEBTWe will sort out your debts, recommend a procedure and prepare a proposal of discharge of debt for you.FINANCIAL LAWFINANCIAL LAWLegal services in the area of financial law and tax law with focus on representation of tax entities in tax proceedings.CONSTRUCTION LAWCONSTRUCTION LAWComplete consultancy including preparation of proposals and requests in zoning and building permit proceedings.ENFORCEMENT OF CLAIMSENFORCEMENT OF CLAIMSWe will secure the complete enforcement of claims starting from the analysis of success of court proceedings through out-of-court enforcement of claims to court and potentially post-judgement proceedings.WhistleblowingWhistleblowingWe have extensive experience in the field of whistleblower protection and in the application of whistleblowing legislation.CoronavirusCoronavirusOur law firm provides advice to individuals and legal entities in connection with claims related to the covid pandemic.