Who we are?

JUDr. Irena Valíčková, MBA, advokátka & JUDr. Adam Valíček, MBA, advokát

As lawyers we are fully aware that each client has individual needs; therefore, we provide legal services tailored to the needs of every single client. The most suitable and ideal solutions for our clients are at the centre of our work. We work as independent, constantly collaborating lawyers. We provide legal services in each principal field of law to both domestic and foreign client all over the Czech Republic. Our offices are located in Brno and Vyškov. In addition to Czech, we also provide legal services in English and German.
You can find more information about us, our specializations and our legal services in the different sections of these pages.

Don’t hesitate to reserve a preliminary tentative informative appointment for free. We’ll be glad to provide you with fundamental information about the requested legal service and outline possible solutions.

We provide our services all over the Czech Republic.

The quality of our services is guaranteed!

Our law office is insured up to CZK 100 million

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JUDr. Irena Valíčková, MBA

phone 00420 607 270 689

e-mail: valickova@brno-advokatnikancelar.cz

JUDr. Adam Valíček, MBA

phone: 00420 603 822 267

e-mail: valicek@brno-advokatnikancelar.cz

Pobočka Dukelská 117/12

682 01 Vyškov

Note: It is necessary to arrange an appointment in advance.